Returns and Exchanges

To return or exchange an item,
please email our customer support at with your order number and the reason for the return. Our team will provide you with a return authorization and further instructions.

To be eligible for a return, the
product must be unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging. The return must be initiated within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Once you have received your return authorization, please pack the item(s) in the original packaging and send them back to us using a trackable shipping method. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless the item is defective, or the wrong item was sent.

Customers are responsible for the return shipping costs unless the return is due to our error, such as a wrong or defective product. We recommend using a trackable shipping method.

You can contact our customer support team to inquire about the status of your return or exchange. Please provide your order number and return authorization for us to assist you promptly.

Once we receive and verify the returned product's eligibility, we will issue a refund to the original payment method. Please allow 3-5 working day for the refund to be processed and
reflected in your account.

Yes, certain items are non-returnable for hygiene or safety reasons. Products marked as final sale or clearance items are also non-returnable.

Contact our customer support team immediately. We may ask for photos or a detailed description of the issue. We will arrange for a replacement or issue a full refund, including return shipping costs, for damaged or defective products.

Order Management

If you can't find your order in your account, it could be due to several reasons:

  • Guest Checkout: If you checked out as a guest, the order won't show in an account. You may need a link from your confirmation email to view it.
  • Different Account: Ensure you're logged into the correct account you used when placing the order.
  • Technical Glitch: Sometimes a website glitch can cause this. Logging out and back in or clearing your browser's cache might help.
  • Order Not Completed: Your order might not have been completed successfully. Check for an email confirmation to be sure.
  • Delay in System Update: The system may take a little time to update. Wait for a few minutes, then check again.

If you still can't find your order, please reach out to our customer service with any details you have about the purchase for assistance.

Your Order ID should typically be in the order confirmation email you received after placing your order. If you created an account on our website, logging in and checking the 'My Orders' section will also display your Order IDs next to the relevant orders. If you can't find your confirmation email or if it's not listed in your account, please contact customer service with any details you do
have, and they will help locate your Order ID.

If you need help with an order, please reach out to our customer support through your account's help section or use the contact form on our website. For faster service, have your order details ready. Our team is here to assist you with any issues or questions you might have.

To make a change or modify items in your order, you'll typically need to do so before your order is processed for shipping. Here's what you can do:

  • Log in to your account and go to 'My Orders.'
  • Find the order you want to modify and check if there is an option to make changes.
  • If the order can still be modified, follow the instructions provided to change or modify the items.

If you don't see an option to modify your order, or if it's already in processing or has been shipped, you'll need to contact customer service directly for assistance. They can inform you if changes are still possible or advise on the next steps, such as arranging
for a return or exchange once you receive your order.

To get help with a purchased item, please find the item in your account and report the issue there. You can also contact customer support with your order number and details about the issue for personalized assistance.

To track your order, log in to your account on our website, go to your orders section, and click on the specific order you want to track. You’ll find a tracking number or link that you can use
to see the current status of your delivery. If you have any trouble, our customer support is here to help.

Delivery times can vary based on the item, stock availability, and shipping destination. Typically, an estimated delivery range is provided at the time of purchase. Check the product page for specific details or consult your order confirmation. If you've already placed an order, you can find the estimated arrival date in your order details. If there are any concerns or if you need a more precise timeframe, customer support will be able to provide further information

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered but you haven't received it:

  1. Check around your delivery location. Packages can sometimes be left in safe spots.
  2. See if someone else, like neighbor or co-worker, accepted the delivery.
  3. Some carriers update the delivery status a bit early, so give it a little more time.

If you still can't locate the package, contact customer support with your order details for further assistance. They'll help resolve the issue.

If items are missing from your order:

  • Verify your order details to ensure all items were included in the same shipment. Sometimes orders are sent in multiple packages.
  • If an item should have been in the package but is missing, contract customer support with your order number and details of the missing item.

Our team will investigate and help resolve the issue for

If you receive an item you didn't order, please check your order confirmation to ensure there's no mistake. Then, get in touch with customer support with your order number and they will sort it out for you, arranging for the correct item to be sent or the accidental delivery to be returned.

To remove an item from your cart, go to your cart, find the item you wish to remove, and click on the remove or delete option next to it. This will take the item out of your cart. If you have any issues, customer support can help you with the process.

To know if an item is in stock, check the item's page on our website. There should be an indication of its stock status, such as 'In Stock' or 'Out of Stock'. If it's unclear or you need more information, please reach out to customer support. They can give you the latest updates on availability.

To be notified about out-of-stock items, look for an option on the product page like ‘Notify Me’ or ‘Get Restock Alert’. By clicking this and entering your email, you’ll receive an update when the item is back in stock. If there isn’t an option online, customer support can also set up a notification for you.

Payment Issues

Pending charges may show up on your account after a payment failure or a canceled order. This happens because merchants often place a temporary hold on funds to verify your payment method when you make a purchase. Even if the transaction doesn't go through or the order is canceled, the pending charge may still appear temporarily. Typically, these pending charges will disappear from your account within a few business days. If you have any concerns or if the charges linger longer than expected, feel free to contact your bank or the merchant for assistance.

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other major credit cards are accepted.
  • Shop Pay: An accelerated checkout method by Shopify that lets you save your email address, credit card, and shipping and billing information.
  • PayPal: A secure payment system where you can pay with your PayPal balance or linked bank account.
  • Google Pay: A digital wallet platform for making payments with your Google account.
  • Klarna: Offers flexible payment options, such as pay later in 30 days, pay in installments, or financing over a longer period, subject to credit approval.

These options give you the flexibility to choose the payment method that suits your needs, including deferred payment or installment plans with Klarna. Remember to review the terms provided by each payment service for a clear understanding of the process and any fees that may apply.

Adding a credit or debit card to your account is simple:

  • Log in to your account on our website.
  • Go to the payment methods section or account settings.
  • Look for an option to add a new payment method.
  • Select "Credit/Debit Card" as the payment type.
  • Enter your card details, including the card number, expiration date, and security code.
  • Save the card to your account.

Once added, you can use this card for future purchases without having to re-enter the information each time. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. They'll be happy to help you through the process.

To add a Visa gift card as a payment method:

  • Log in to your account on our
  • Navigate to the payment methods or account settings section.
  • Look for the option to add a new payment method.
  • Select "Credit/Debit Card" as the payment type.
  • Enter the card details from your Visa gift card, including the card number, expiration date, and security code.
  • Save the card to your account.

Please note that some Visa gift cards may require registration or activation before they can be used for online purchases. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. They'll be happy to help you through the process.

Duplicate charges can occur for various reasons, such as authorization holds, processing errors, failed transactions, or automatic subscription renewals. If you notice duplicate charges, promptly contact both the merchant and your bank or credit card issuer for assistance in resolving the issue and obtaining refunds for any unauthorized or duplicate transactions.

Payments can be declined for several reasons, including:

  • Insufficient Funds: If your account doesn't have enough funds to cover the transaction, the payment may be declined.
  • Incorrect Information: Providing incorrect payment details, such as an expired card or incorrect CVV code, can lead to a declined payment.
  • Security Measures: Sometimes, banks or payment processors may flag transactions as potentially fraudulent, leading to a declined payment to protect your account.
  • Payment Restrictions: Certain merchants or payment processors may have specific restrictions or requirements for processing payments, leading to a declined transaction.
  • Technical Issues: Temporary technical glitches or issues with the payment processing system can also result in declined payments.

If your payment is declined, double-check your payment information for accuracy, ensure you have sufficient funds, and contact your bank or payment provider for further assistance. They can provide more information about why the payment was declined and help you resolve the issue.


To edit your credit or debit card information:

  • Log in to your account on our website.
  • Go to the payment methods or account settings section.
  • Look for the option to manage or edit your payment methods.
  • Select the credit/debit card you want to edit.
  • Update the card details, such as the card number, expiration date, or billing address.
  • Save the changes to update your card information.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. They'll be happy to guide you through the process of editing your credit/debit card information.

Account Management

To permanently delete your account:

  • Log in to your account on our website.
  • Go to 'Account Settings' or 'Profile'.
  • Look for an option to 'Delete Account' or 'Close Account'.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the deletion.
  • Your account and all associated data will be permanently removed from our system.

Please note that this action is irreversible, and you will lose access to any saved information, order history, and benefits associated with your account. If you have any concerns or need assistance, please contact our customer support team for further guidance

To enhance the security of your account, consider implementing measures like using a strong, unique password, enabling two factor authentication if available, being vigilant against phishing attempts, and monitoring your account activity for any unusual behavior. These practices can help safeguard your account and personal information.

If you're unable to sign into your account, there could be a few reasons why:

  • Incorrect Username or Password: Double-check that you've entered your username/email and password correctly. Ensure that your caps lock is off and there are no typos.
  • Forgot Password: If you've forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password" option on the sign-in page to reset it. Follow the prompts to create a new password.
  • Account Issue: Your account may have been temporarily locked or suspended due to security reasons or policy violations. In this case, contact customer support for assistance.
  • Technical Issue: There may be a technical issue with the website or your browser. Try signing in using a different browser or device, or clear your browser's cache and cookies before attempting again.

If you've tried these steps and still can't sign in, please reach out to customer support for further assistance. They'll be able to help you resolve the issue and regain access to your account.

If you want to delete your account, you typically have to navigate to the settings or account section of the website. There might be an option such as "Close Account," "Delete Account," or "Deactivate Account." Select this option and follow the prompts to permanently delete your account. If you can't find this option, you may need to contact customer support directly for assistance. Remember that some platforms may retain your data for a period after account deletion for legal or regulatory reasons.

Promotions and Discounts

To redeem a coupon code:

  • Proceed to the checkout page on our website.
  • Look for a field labeled "Coupon Code," "Promo Code," or similar.
  • Enter your coupon code into this field.
  • Click on the "Apply" or "Redeem" button.
  • If the coupon is valid, the discount or offer associated with the code will be applied to your order total.
  • Complete the checkout process by entering any additional required information and confirming your order.

If you encounter any issues while redeeming your coupon code, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance. They'll be happy to help you apply the coupon and complete your purchase.

You can get discounts by:

  • Checking your email for retailer promotions.
  • Following retailers on social media for sales announcements.
  • Looking for banners or pop ups on their websites.
  • Checking coupon websites for codes.
  • Joining loyalty programs for rewards.

These methods make finding discounts easier when shopping online.

To find out about the latest

  • Check your email for retailer newsletters and promotional updates.
  • Follow retailers on social media platforms for announcements of sales and promotions.
  • Visit the retailer's website and look for banners or pop ups advertising current promotions.
  • Check coupon websites or deal forums for shared promotions and discount codes.
  • Consider joining retailer loyalty programs or reward schemes for exclusive promotions and offers.

By utilizing these methods, you can stay informed about the latest promotions and take advantage of savings opportunities while shopping.

Privacy and Security implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. These measures include technical, physical, and administrative safeguards designed to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of personal data.

Shopping on is designed to be safe. Your information is used to fulfill your orders, process payments, communicate with you about orders, products, services and promotional offers, update our records and maintain your accounts with us, and recommend merchandise and services that might be of interest to you.

Yes, is presented as a legitimate website that is concerned with ensuring the safety and authenticity of your online shopping experience. They detail their data collection, use, and sharing practices in their Privacy Policy, indicating compliance with legal standards.

Official SMS messages from couriers associated with should typically contain specific information related to your order, like tracking numbers or delivery confirmations. Be wary of messages asking for personal information or those that contain links to unverified websites.


While the specific shipping policy is not detailed in the privacy information provided, a standard shipping policy includes information on shipping methods, delivery timeframes, shipping restrictions, and costs. It is advisable to consult the shipping section on's website or contact their customer service for details.

The information provided does not specify a late delivery compensation policy. This would typically be found in the shipping or FAQ section of the website, or by contacting customer service

The Privacy Policy of explains how they collect, use, and disclose your personal information when you visit the site, use services, make purchases, or communicate with them. It includes details on cookies, data retention, international data transfer, and your rights regarding your personal data.

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